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March 06, 2014
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(Continued from Page 2) archive funds and plan for 2024 as presented by Cooke County Clerk Pam Harrison. The court also approved Nortex Communications as the new internet pro- vider for the county’s Rice Avenue EMS station. No action was taken re- garding broadband servic- es. The court again dis- cussed the ongoing Cooke County EMS and fire pag- er system. No action was taken. commis- Addressing sioners court were Riley Metzler, Director of Com- munications for County Sheriff’s Office and Wesley Short of Shipman Com- munications. Are commissioners close to making a decision on the pagers? Hollowell noted the commissioners have been talking about the pager situation for weeks. “What kind of problems do we have with our paging system right now,” Sicking asked Metzler. “Currently, if you go too far east in the county, spe- cifically southeast, there’s very little to no coverage,” Metzler said. “North Shore has been historic for that. You go up in the far north end of the county, Dex- ter, coverage isn’t horrible, it’s not great. Of course, the big change was when we were forced off of that tower [near Gainesville State School.] That was a great tower, great location. It was not by any means ideal, but it was the best the county could get. We moved it over to Rice Av- enue. It’s too low and too far away from the south end and then we moved it to a water tower. A water tower is in a better loca- tion, it’s just not on top of that ridge. We can’t get out and above that ridge.” Inspection of the NTX tower in Valley View re- vealed the tower is about 100 feet too short, Metzler noted. “You just can’t get over the tops of the trees to bounce down into North Shore,” he said. While in the Valley View area, three additional tow- ers of sufficient height and location were singled out and the county may be able to work out a deal to use one of the towers. “The big issue is that EMS Station 3 wasn’t get- ting their tones,” he said. “We moved the tower. Now they’re getting their tones but North Shore is still not getting their tones. Valley View is having a hard time.”