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Continued from Page 1) commissioners tentatively earmarked $309,000 to get the documents to a pre-preservation state. Pay- ments of $309,000 would be due annually until 2026. The original price of a full restoration underestimated the number of records in- “no” was Hollowell. The commissioners also approved a budget amend- ment allowing the jail to move salary funds to extra help at the request of Sher- iff Ray Sappington. Emergency Medical Ser- vices director Wes Reed asked for money to be moved to collection ex- tion.

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“I’m more than willing to lend a hand and equip- ment or labor… when we do get into the cooler season, Snuggs said. Hol- lowell said he’s also willing to help in October or No- vember. The berm project was a discussion item. No action no action on a consent agenda item involving a lease agreement between Cooke County and Dustin Office machine for the lease of a Kyocera 4054ci copy machine located in the Cooke County Court at Law office. The lease will be $205.25 a month for 60 months.

Commissioners Consider Pager Options Cooke County Sheriff Office Director of Commu- nications Riley Metzler (left) and Wesley Short of Shipman Communications take questions from commissioners about county fire department and EMS pagers at the July 10 Commissioners Court meeting. July 10 was also Metzler’s last day with CCSO. (The Weekly News Photo) to 1920 so District Clerk Marci Gilbert and KO- FILE presented a contract change which would allow all the documents in the lot to be brought to a state of pre-preservation. The addi- tional pages added an extra $58,831 per year with pay- ments of $309,000 due in 2024, 2025 and 2026. “Guys, records preserva- tion is a great thing, but it may be at some point where we’re having to de- cide whether or want to do records preservation or do we want to fund emer- gency services, law enforce- ment and everybody else,” Hollowell said. Casting affirmative votes were Precinct 2 Commis- sioner Jason Snuggs, Pct. 3 Commissioner Adam Ar- endt, Pct. 4 Commissioner Matt Sicking and County Judaa John Roana Voting transferred from the in- mate housing fund and will be used to pay an outside collection agency through the end of the current fiscal year. The commissioners also talked about contracting work versus in-house com- petition of a shooting berm at the county firing range. Sappington asked the court if, in the fall, each commissioner could ap- point a worker to help build the berm at the firing range which is to be oper- ated at the former Precinct 3 barn. “Or, you should have three bids in your pack- et,” he told commission- ers. “The lowest one was $18,300. One of them was $20,000, and one of them was $30,500.” Commissioners reacted pocitiual the cunn FY23 Budget Amend- ments. Payment of monthly bills. Payroll and related ex- penses. PC Treasury Manage- ment Services Agreement. County Judge’s signature on the TAC HEBP renew- al. Citibank rebate of $223.19 for the first half of 2023. Yearly copier mainte- nance agreement between Dustin Office Machines and Cooke County, for the maintenance agreement on the copy machine lo- cated in the Cooke County Commissioner’s office. The agreement is for one year 7/15/2023-7/15/2024 at the cost of $488.40. Interlocal Agreement for 9-1-1 Services with TCOG. Accepting donations for the Pauper Cemetery. Receive and file notifica- tion of fee increases from Dallas County Southwest- ern Institute of Forensic Sciences at Dallas for au- topsies. The commissioner took